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QD680 CNC tool grinder

CNC tool grinder

2020-11-16 16:11:38

QD680 six axis five linkage CNC tool grinder, suitable for the production or grinding of small specifications milling tools, drilling tools, forming tools, etc
Processing range:1~8mm
Machine weight:3.5T
Boundary dimension :1600×1550×2100mm
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Product highlight Main parameters

QD680 is a six-axis CNC tool grinding machine. The machine tool, through the corresponding tool grinding software, can automatically complete the grinding of bar tools with outer diameter of 0.5~12 mm and length of 0~150 mm. By clamping different grinding wheel flange components, it can also complete the axial slotting, front angle and rear angle sharpening of special tools at one time, greatly improving the work efficiency, eliminating the positioning error caused by multiple times of clamping, and improving the grinding precision. It especially applies to tool manufacturing and regrinding by tool manufacturers and production enterprises.
Motorized spindle: The grinding wheel spindle adopts a constant torque double-shaft grinding head, and the shaft can be equipped with two sets of grinding wheels at the same time, with the coarse and fine grinding wheels separated, improving the grinding efficiency.   The motorized spindle adopts grease lubrication, air seal, and oil cooler for cooling to ensure the stability of continuous long-time operation and prolong the service life of the spindle.
The A-axis adopts high-rigidity direct drive motor, and a built-in encoder for a full closed-loop control. This enables the rotating shafts to have the characteristics of fast response speed, accurate indexing, high rigidity and no gap, thereby obtaining high-quality grinding quality.
Headstock: Pneumatic clamping device is adopted, which makes clamping convenient and fast.
X, Y, and Z axes: The precision four-direction equal-load ball linear guide pair and the precision ball screw drive are adopted. All the three axes are equipped with inner shield which is well protective, beautiful and durable.

 Electric cabinet: The electric cabinet is equipped with cooling system, and the electrical components can work at constant temperature to improve the stability and service life of all components.

Shield: The whole machine tool is fully sealed for protection, with a sliding door at the front, a maintenance door at the left, and an automatic feeding door at the rear, making observation, clamping, and maintenance easy and convenient. The top of the shield is equipped with fog absorption device and automatic fire extinguishing device, which are environment-friendly and safe.

QD680 CNC tool grinder

Main parameters
CNC system SYNTEC   210MA-5E
Grinding software QIANDAO
Max diameter of workpiece 10mm
Max grinding length 150mm
Max   groove depth 10mm
Max weight of   workpiece 10Kg
Max motor power of   grinding head(Direct drive motorized spindle ) 11KW
The size of the grinding wheels(CBN and diamond) Φ50Φ200mm
Motorized spindle revolving speed( frequency control) 1000-8000rpm
Travel Y-axis 320(-100220)mm
Travel of the operating platform(X/Y/Z) X285 / Y300 / Z320
Linear axis rapid traverse speed 15m/min
Workpiece spindle revolving speed (A-axis) 200rpm
A-axis rotation angle
Pneumatic clamping workpiece range 3~12mm
Max rotation speed (C-axis) 75rpm
C-axis rotation range 175°-15°~+160°
Workpiece spindle center height 140mm
Workpiece spindle runout ≤0.005mm
Grinding head   spindle runout ≤0.005mm
Cylinder clamping force adjustment range 800-1000kg
Linear resolution 0.00lmm
Rotating axis resolution 0.00l°
Cooling pump power 3P
Source AC   380V   50HZ   三相 (three-phase)
Total machine power 18KW
Machine size 1600×1550×2100mm
Machine weight( approximately) 3.5T

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