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QD560 CNC tool grinder

CNC tool grinder

2022-09-09 15:47:32

QD560 5-axisCNC tool grinder is a newly developed by Qiandao Machinery,whichis acost effectivetool grinding center
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Product highlight Main parameters

QD560 5-axis CNC tool grinder is a newly developed by Qiandao Machinery, which is a cost effective tool grinding center. It could produce and sharpen all kinds of milling cutters, drilling and forming tools .

It looks magnificent and smart and has a much more humanism design, the entire machine operation table can be realized. Machine body is made of natural granite and that has been stable performance in the production.

The spindle grinding head adopts high-precision、synchronous direct drive frequency conversion electric spindle, the main spindle has two grinding wheel flange, which can install with 2-4 pieces of grinding wheels. According to the grinding requirement, rapidly changed the grinding wheel position, satisfying all kinds of tools grinding requirements. 

The workpiece spindle ( A axis) adopts direct-driver conversion, SCHAUBLIN chuck and cylinder clamp, automatically clamped by pneumatic.

The machine tool is a 210MA-5E 5-axis SYNTEC CNC system and servo unit, precision probe, silver precision rolling wire rail and ball screw, which could guarantee superior performance and great precision of the milling tools.

The machine is fully enclosed appearance (front movable pull door, right and rear maintenance door) with electronic handwheel, special start and stop button and foot switch, equipped with and automatic cooling system and a coolant filter tank, an automatic lubrication device and a suction interface,an alarm buzzer, electrical box cooling air conditioner, making the operation and maintenance of machine simple and convenient.

QD560 cnc tool grinder

Main parameters
Model QD560
CNC system SYNTEC   210MA-5E
Grinding software QIANDAO
Max diameter of workpiece 12 mm
Max grinding length 170mm
Max   groove depth 10mm
Max weight of   workpiece 10Kg
Max motor power of   grinding head(Direct drive motorized spindle ) 11KW
The size of the grinding wheels(CBN and diamond) Φ50~Φ200mm
Motorized spindle revolving speed( frequency control) 1000-6000rpm
Travel Y-axis 360(-100260)mm
Travel of the operating platform(X/Y) X450 / Y590
Linear axis rapid traverse speed 15m/min
Workpiece spindle revolving speed (A-axis) 400rpm
A-axis rotation angle
A-axis   hole cone ISO50
Pneumatic clamping workpiece range 3~20mm
Chuck clamping workpiece range   SCHUNK holder) 32mm
Max rotation speed (C-axis) 75 rpm
C-axis rotation range 325°+230°~-95°
Workpiece spindle center height 150mm
Workpiece spindle runout ≤0.005mm
Grinding head   spindle runout ≤0.005mm
Cylinder clamping force adjustment range 800-1000kg
Linear resolution 0.00lmm
Rotating axis resolution 0.00l°
Cooling pump power 3P
Source AC   380V   50HZ   (three-phase)
Total machine power 18KW
Machine size 1700×1520×2100mm
Machine weight( approximately) 4T

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